Mice Control

Whilst not as notorious as rats for spreading disease, mice can cause serious problems for any premises owner. Due to the quick cycle of breeding, a mice infestation can occur in a very short period of time. A mouse problem can leave household owners with a hefty bill due to damage caused by water mains being chewed, or electrical wiring being gnawed through. Worst still, if you do suffer from property damage, insurance companies often do not pay out against damage caused by vermin!

If you have a mouse problem, contact Kevin Spink of Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control on 07548 921 228 for professional mice control & extermination services, 7 days a week.


Mice Infestation

If you start noticing mouse droppings around the premises then it’s time to consider contacting a professional mice controller. Kevin will advise on an appropriate program, whether it be traps, poison baits or proofing the premises. Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control ensures the mouse problem is eradicated.

Pest Prevention

Prevention is better than the cure! Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control can offer a thorough site inspection to identify common entry points and areas which are particularly appealing to mice. This service especially is useful for factory owners or people who are repeatedly requiring from mice control; by taking a pest prevention survey from Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control you can start protecting your premises from mice infestations, lessening the chance of structural damage, health implications or cost associated with continual pest control.

For more information or for assistance with dealing with a mice infestation, call Kevin Spink of Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control on 07548 921 228 or send an email via the contacts page.

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